Wu Wei

WuWei teaches us the principles of action without intention. Attending to other before self is a great way to start, Issmit Himmit teaches us. I have experienced this as putting all my focus on engineers in 1:1’s or a family member and listening to their need in a dialogue as though it were my need. I call this tethering.

I have meditated on WuWei while moving within ocean waves or on the beach in kinetic empethetic tether. Allowing the body to bob and sway. Noticing what it feels like to be moving, but not on one’s own volition, but through near compleete surrender. I say near to emphasize this cool thing where you can practice WuWei but still keep a soft hold of action, for instance on keeping your torso supple but aligned while bobbing in the waves. Mos Def says “staying fluid even in staccato”, and I find myself thinking that a lot as I practice Wandering Carefree Palm.

In recent weeks I’ve been finding I can train with wind coming off water to infer oceanic movement, even while on land. I find this helpful on days I can’t get in the ocean to train. And what of the ocean’s movement? Why is it so exciting as a study partner? Well, for me, I am deeply inspired by its ability to physically render the interaction of some tratable-ish ingredients (Navier-Stokes fluid dynamics, pull of the ocean, gravity) as well as a world of complex interactions that are impossible to model programatically, and therefore lead us to more evolutionary algorithms or agent based modeling perhaps.