Self Care for Cognitive Athletes

I was trained in dance, classical music, math, engineering, yoga, and poetry. I didn’t know what I was going to need to survive this world, so I continued to throw myself into different formalisms looking for clues to quell the fire of neural buzz that compelled me to dissociate as way of life and the accompanying existential quandries the whole affair spurred in me. My childhood was inflamed with tracking accounts of men bludgeoning transwomen with their inability to understand human biology, and this coupled with a fierce bio family dynamic made it difficult to acquire and meaningful level of corporeal and psychlogical safety. I turned to my disciplines with a fervor to acquire skills that would help me transcend or heal my circumstances, and along the way I’ve learned a lot about the power of self coaching.

So where does self care come in? Well, for me at least, the central theme has been to tune the tenor and overall program of the inner coach. Is she nuturing and awesome or is she an outright terror? This is a theme I, and many in my community, spend a lot of time pondering. What’s going on in that head of yours? Are you being constructive and nuruturing, or is it an endless maze where a Minotaur of pressure keeps stubbing your toes?

My community has watched me pressure cook myself into existence, and now are rallying hard for a period of deep “felting” - covering the steel of my drive for knowledge of self and world (and relationship between the two) with naps, movies, strolls, travel, conversation, and pacing. How might she best keep her fierce intellect insulated and myolinized? What is sacred and personal and what is out there flopping around in the public? What is her praxis of intellecualism?.

Before going further, if you are interested in this topic, you may want to also check out what my husband Carl has been sharing in this space, including his thoughts on mindfulness and healing in the LGBT community.