Hip Hop

It’s Bigger Than Religion

Last night my sister posited something at my house while we where having dinner that struck me as so utterly on point with something I’ve been looking for words to say. If we were to bake in the core tenants of our collective religous aspirations into the very fabric of our society, would we still need religion, or would we instead rely on the feedback mechanisms of the bugeoning society itself to course correct and guide and relinquish us from clasping our hands and looking up with squinted eye at the sky hoping some great beyond saves us? As I tend to share with me teams, “No one is coming to save us, we must save ourselves”.

And if you care anything at all about love, you’ll get jazzed up about this prospect. We have something to do! We, in fact, have A LOT to do. And that doing demands we love our adjascent others, on any dimension you want to slice that relational pie, until the water of our efforts run through the threads of humanity and come out clear.

And that’s where, for me, Hip Hop comes in. This sprawling corpus of human heart knowledge that stretches out before us. Both a dusk and a dawn. Glistening with every mystic truth your heart has been yearing for. Glistening in songs you’ve bobbed your heads to for years. Listen. What structures of human need are being traced here below these testimonies? Listen. Can you hear it? Can you hear where the societal machine is not catching right?
Does that sound keep you up at night? It does me. It fills my ears as I trace the wounds back to where they begin. Back to the central othering error in our code that is threatening to take down our collective website of human psyche.

I’m looking forward to diving into this further, and am putting this stub here to get the party started.